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  7:20 EDT June 18, 2024 In Major League Baseball, wagering is a bit misrepresented. That said, starting pitchers remain the most considerable perspective of wagering on baseball, therefore making them the base for any consistent handicapping strategy. The old saying is that starting pitching is 90% of the game, but that adage is based on the days when four-man rotations ruled the day, starters routinely went seven plus innings, and guys put up two hundred & fifty plus innings in a full season.

Today, with bullpen proficiency and enormous money contracts, starters are pitching less than ever before. Starters are very important in making a wager and in setting the correct line, but other circumstances matter as well. That includes how you should handicap the starters. A straightforward look at starting pitchers raw numbers isn't enough. Home/road and stadium splits, head to head history, righty/lefty fluctuation in dynamics, injuries, streaks, and even weather can all play a role in evaluating a starting pitcher in relation to a given line. Take home/road splits for example. A starter, and the team he plays with for that matter can have drastically different numbers at home than on the road, or with the order reversed. In some cases, a pitcher & his ERA can be up to 2.5 to 3 runs higher on the road, so make sure to take that into covering consideration.

In terms of ballparks, have a sense of a pitcher & his characteristics. Is he a strikeout guy? A groundball pitcher? A flyball pitcher? A flyball thrower that excels in his cavernous ballpark might not be the best bet when he is a visitor on the road to a home run hitters stadium like Yankee Stadium or the Great American Ball Park.

Inexorably, some pitchers simply have another ballclubs number. Take a look at his track record, and most importantly, if he is heading into the start on a hot or cold streak.

Need an expert opinion on today's selections from one of our pro handicappers? Covering in Major League Baseball sports proposition wagering requires in-depth knowledge of starting pitchers as well as the middle relievers and the closers in the bullpen. To focus one's covering sights it takes seasoning in education to avoid the unexpected disasters that can damage your bankroll.

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