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One of the more mainstream methods of playing is the ‘contradictory method’ of going against whatever the public is betting. The objective behind this method is that the lion's share of the public is wrong more often than not, and the more excited and loaded up the public is on one side of a game, the more likely it is that side is the wrong one. The most transparent reason that this strategic angle makes sense is that if the general public was on the right side more often than not, Nevada sportsbooks would have trouble staying in business. Udeniably, the Nevada sportsbooks must be doing something right, and the playing public interested must be doing something miscalculated & wrong. So why not be on the side that the Nevada sportsbooks are encouraging?

Conjecture on why this works is that the public thrives on playing favorites and overs. After all, most people get into sports betting because they are sports fans. And what fans don’t like transcendent accomplished teams, above the range of normal and plenty of points & or runs put up on the scoreboard? With this recognition, Nevada sportsbooks can shade lines against favorites and overs, knowing that many players will play these sides anyway. Selections that are in the mainstream with the playing public will also move the line by a half-point and more, offering even more value to those players avoiding that situation.

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